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Support Coordination

Support Coordination

MiLife-Victoria has an experienced Support Coordination team ready to work with you to find the most effective supports and ensure that you get the support you need to get the most out of your NDIS plan and achieve your goals.

If you need support call our Support Coordination Team on 1800 411 681. We have the capacity to take on new clients including children and adults.

Our support coordinators have the experience to help you find the right supports and use your NDIS funding effectively allowing you choice and control over the way you access your supports.

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Support Coordination is about

  • Having conversations about what is possible with a person's NDIS funds
  • Building capacity of the participant to exercise choice and control
  • Supporting participants to understand the NDIS and find providers that are best suited for them.

    Providing assistance to strengthen a participants ability to coordinate supports and participate in the community

    This includes:

  • Resolving points of crisis
  • Developing capacity and resilience in a participants network; and
  • Coordinating supports from a range of sources.
  • MiLife-Victoria is registered to provide support coordination to NDIS customers.

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