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Are you ready to create meaningful lives?

Our Story 

Meaningful Lives is an initiative of MiLife-Victoria, designed to build a best practice approach in disability support.  

MiLife-Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that has delivered disability services for over 30 years. However, in 2023, we realised that we needed to do things differently. 

While dedicated to outstanding support quality, we weren’t achieving what we set out to. 

So, we asked ourselves why? 

The answer was that our practice was entrenched. We had done things the same way for over 30 years.  

Our organisation was founded during a time when disability services were developed and funded by state government. At that time, support quality was poor and accountability was minimal. 

Disability support was (and sadly, largely still is) undervalued and not seen as a professional contribution to the community. 

As with most not-for-profits, these views and practices continued, even when the sector transitioned to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

However, it wasn’t feasible for old practices to continue in an environment where choice and control for participants is paramount, where expectations about quality are high and where efficiency is important. 

We tried to for some time to change our approach from within, but we recognised that it wasn’t working. 

We realised that we carried too much legacy. While other organisations that have doubled down on holding tightly to what they’ve always done, MiLife-Victoria went against the grain. 

Rather than just reform, we knew we needed to transform into something new. A new identity, with a new ethos and a new approach. 

From this, Meaningful Lives was born, and it’s under this initiative that we are creating our new approach to best practice in disability support. 

Our Vision, Our Why, Our Purpose 

Vision: People of all abilities living life to the fullest 

Purpose: To partner with community so that people of all abilities have all their needs met and can live their best life, for their whole life. 

Why we believe what we believe: we are all human beings and each have a unique ability to flourish when given the right support 

Why we do what we do: MLV strongly believes that people of all abilities deserve to live life to the fullest.  This means living a meaningful adult life where people have the opportunity to contribute value to their community. We believe the best way of achieving this is to provide personalised, tailored support which is as unique as the people we serve. We believe in making dreams come true, not in taking care of people. 

Statement about culture 

MLV does what is right, not what is easy. We pride ourselves on the high-performing leadership that we’ve created with the ongoing support of Leading Teams. We are now taking the next step and building a team of frontline staff and managers who are dream-makers, not care takers. This means delivering the high-quality support that we want the people we serve to receive to live a meaningful adult life.  

If you want to join a high-performing team that is curious, brave and inspiring and can demonstrate that you live the agreed behaviours (outlined below) we hold dear, we want to hear from you: 

  • Give it a go, step in 
  • Take responsibility 
  • Seek to understand 
  • Reward and challenge 
  • Build capacity and capability. 

Benefits of working at MLV 

  • Here’s where we spruik our EVP: 
  • Above award pay 
  • Salary packaging 
  • High-quality support, supervision and professional development 
  • Professionalised recognition – at MLV, you’re not a Disability Support Worker, you’re a Skills Development Coach 
  • Chance to build a new business that has quality of support at the forefront 
  • Opportunity to do something others in disability service are not doing – something to be proud of 
  • Growth agenda – opportunity for promotion as the organisation expands its reach and impact 

Meet the Team

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Recruitment process 

  • Applications are submitted to MLV’s Executive for review 
  • An initial phone screen is arranged within one week of the job ad closing 
  • First interview takes place with the hiring manager within two weeks of the screening call 
  • Second interview takes place within one week of the first interview. This interview is held with the hiring manager, along with the person supported and their care team 

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