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Educational and fun group and individual centre-based and community programs

MiLife-Victoria provides a wide range of programs for people with a disability. Programs take place at either the Langwarrin Hub or our Community Connections program within the local community. If additional support is required, people can be supported individually to join the group programs. In addition we offer WES (Work and Employability Skills Hub), offering a wide range of pre-accredited training courses.

We recognise that everyone is different and as such their needs are not all the same. For some people it is all about maintaining skills for independence, whereas for others it is about building capacity to become more independent.

MiLife-Victoria programs are based on an educational curriculum framework which have been specifically written to accommodate the learning needs of people with disabilities and are specifically designed to build on and maintain people’s skills.

As every program or course has its own overview and lesson plan, evidence of participation and achievement of goals is easy to provide to clients and families. An individuals goals can be matched to their NDIS goals. Evidence of learning and achievement can then be shown to the NDIS upon review of the previous plan and commencement of a new plan.

Programs are held on site, online or within the community. If you would like to find out more about the programs provided please phone Head Office on (03) 9773 7555 and speak with one of our friendly staff members.

Learning and Development

MiLife-Victoria offers non-accredited education programs, funded through the Council of Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE), which are designed to support people with a disability to develop confidence and provide them with skills to support preparation for work, volunteering or other vocational activities.

For more information about our Adult Community and Further Education programs visit the Adult Education page.