Virtual experiences bring people together

This week has seen the start of our online group activities. Paula and Yvette ran the days' activities and were joined by Cassie, Charlotte and Amanda who were supporting clients 1:1 in their home environment. The staff supported their clients to get them set up on zoom and continue to be motivated and engaged whilst participating online.

The morning group participated in some stretching exercises together to help warm up their muscles. The clients then discussed the individual exercises that they wanted to teach the group. Each of the clients took turns in introducing themselves to the group and hosting an exercise routine.

Everyone had a great time and a laugh along the way. Clients and staff enjoyed interacting with one another after not seeing each other for a few weeks. There were some clients in the group that had never met before and by the end of the session they were starting to get to know each other and talking with each other whilst completing the exercise routine.

Later in the day the group participated in a virtual tour of the San Diego Zoo in America. They visited the tiger enclosure and watched the tigers eat some food. Paula then asked the group some quiz questions to test out their knowledge about the tigers. Paula asked:

  • Where do they live?
  • What to they eat?
  • Where are you likely to see a tiger in its natural environment?

  • All the questions had the clients fully engaged and involved in learning more about tigers in their natural environment.

    The group then went on to watch a dolphin and whale show. They watched the dolphins performing their tricks through the water in the pool arena. They were also watching the skills of the staff engaging with the whales and dolphins and learning more about the species themselves, everyone absolutely loved the show. After the show, Paula asked some more quiz questions about the dolphins and the whales to find out how much everyone had been paying attention.

    Later in the afternoon the clients enjoyed getting involved in the 'Dance to the Music' online activity. The clients and staff practiced learning the moves to a TikTok dance. Charlotte taught the clients how to do the 'moonwalk'. Everyone really enjoyed both the physical and social interactions.

    "The best part of the whole day is the connections the clients are making with their friends as well as making new friends they're making along the way," said Yvette.

    "It is so nice to see the excitement on their faces when they see their friends and other staff members on the screens. They're able to wave and talk to each other," said Paula. "The clients and staff are all having a turn in hosting the activity and it’s providing them an opportunity to have an escape from the boredom and isolation and seeing that their friends and staff."

    If you would like to join in on the online group activities contact the staff at Head Office on 9775 7333 or email To find out more about the online activities on offer visit our recent blog and check out the timetable.