An outing to the zoo

MiLife-Victoria Holiday

Anthony F, Cassie and Darren met up at Culburra house on Monday, 6 May all ready for a week long supported holiday. We caught up with Anthony to find out what happened during the week, where they went and what his favourite thing to do was.

Q. What did you like most about the holiday?

Anthony: “Everything! Especially going to the RSL in Rye for dinner. I had chicken schnitzel, chips and gravy.”

Q. I heard you went to Geelong, how did you get there?

Anthony: “We drove the car onto the ferry and then drove off when we arrived in Queenscliff. Then we drove to Geelong and had lunch before getting the ferry back.

Q. What did you see when you visited the zoo?

Anthony: “There were lots of people at the zoo. I liked the tigers the best because I barrack for Richmond. A butterfly landed on Honie’s head which was funny.

Q. Did you go to the movies?

Anthony: “Yes, we went to see Top End Wedding?”

Q. You went to the pool, what did you do there?

Anthony: “We went in the spa and it was funny when the air bubbles came up through my top.”

Q. How did you go at bowling?

Anthony: “I got heaps of strikes and won the first game. Then Darren won the second game.

Q. What did you cook for dinner? Anthony: “I helped Honie in the kitchen and we cooked potatoes and veggies.”

Q. Where did you go on the last day of the holiday?

Anthony: “We went to the Caribbean Garden’s Market and I bought my Mum a Mother’s Day present.”

Q. Would you like to go back on holiday again?

Anthony: “Yes, I’d like to go back on a camp with just the boys.”