Creative writing online

Last weeks' first online creative writing session proved to be a real hit among the participants. Everyone had a great time on Wednesday creating their very own short story.

We kicked off the session with everyone saying hello and having a chat to each other. Then the group went through a short exercise where everyone thought about a descriptive word which started with the first letter of their name.

Keith said: Kind, King, Kind Hearted, Kid

Ashley said: Awesome, Apple

Kylie said: Kind, kid; and

Desire said: Delicious.

Everyone in the group had to come up with a sentence about themselves using those words.

The next activity for the day involved everyone being shown a picture of an owl. Each participant then took turns to think of words to describe the picture. Here's what the group came up with:

  • Hooting Flying Fish
  • Peanut – Happy
  • Wise Happy Cute
  • Wants to be a friend
  • Going to sing together
  • Flying to the moon
  • Sitting on a tree together
  • On the tree - singing about the moon

  • The group then wrote a short story together:

    Once upon a time Hooting Flying Fish Owl was sitting next to his friend Happy Peanut. They were sitting on the tree together looking at the moon singing a lullaby, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star."

    The group had so much fun creating the story together and are looking forward to catching up with their friends again to create more stories.

    Paula who is running most of the online groups said: "It is great to be part of something so innovative and new. The feeling is like we are reinvigorating and rejuvenating MiLife-Victoria. Everyone is so excited to be a part of the online activities, not just the participants but also the managers, staff and even parents."

    If you would like to join any of the online activities take a look at the online timetable and choose what you'd like to participate in, then book in by calling 9775 7333 or email Kate Clipsham.