MiLife-Victoria Transport Sponsorship Strategy

Why is a specialised transport service so important?

Being able to get out and about in community, get to places and events at any time of the day or night is something that most people don’t think of and take for granted. People with disabilities are faced with challenges every day when it comes to transport and accessing community. For many, they are not in the position to drive and therefore are reliant on the public transport system. This works well for those where the transport is readily available and at the times they need it, is physically accessible and the person can travel safely on it. However, for many MiLife-Victoria customers, travel on public transport is not possible and as such they require a specialised transport service which accommodates their personal needs and requirements.

MiLife-Victoria has operated a specialised transport service for its customers taking them to and from their home to community events and activities and to MiLife-Victoria’s own facilities for the last 25 years. Sadly with rising costs and changes to funding arrangements, this service is now under threat.

MiLife-Victoria have partnered with The JdK Foundation for Brighter Futures to develop a sponsorship strategy to keep the specialised transport service running.

To hear from some customers and families about why transport is so important to them click here.



For more information about The JDK Foundation for Brighter Futures, click here.



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