John's Story

Bus Resize JohnJohn lives in the rural town of Koowerup. 

Transport to and from MiLife is essential for John as there is no other transport available. He really likes to go on the bus with his friends and bus driver Bob. He enjoys going to swimming, the movies and the circus.
“MiLife is teaching John life skills to enable him to help more around home. It’s one of the few centres that provides transport, we would hate to see that change.”

MiLife-Victoria needs your help to ensure these vital transport services continue to support the people in our community who need it most.

By sponsoring a seat on the MiLife-Victoria bus you can be assured that all MiLife clients will be transported to and from their homes and activities safely.  We are asking for a small commitment of $300 per year (payable fortnightly, monthly or annually), which can be direct debited or paid in full. All sponsorship is tax deductible.

Ask your family and friends to get on board and sponsor a seat to support the continued transport of all MiLife-Victoria clients. 

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