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THIS APPLICATION IS NOT AN EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT but merely is intended to evaluate suitability for employment. It is the policy of the company to provide equal employment to all qualified persons without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under local, state or federal law. It is also the policy of the company to have the option of conducting pre-employment screening before a job offer is made. If a job offer is made, employment may be contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment drug screening and/or medical examination. This application will remain active for 3 years.
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3. In the last 10 years, have you lived overseas for longer than 12 months?
4. Do you have any friends, relatives or acquaintances working for or attending the Organisation?
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5. Have you ever applied to or worked for the Organisation previously?
6. Do you have a current First Aid certificate?
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7. Do you have a current Working With Children Check (Employment)
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Please answer the following questions if the position you are applying for requires driving a motor vehicle
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2. Do you have any convictions, finding of guilt and/or pending police investigations or charges against you that are less than 10 years old? (Note: A satisfactory police record check is a prerequisite of the position)
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3. Do you have any pre-existing injury or disease of which you are aware that you could reasonably be expected to foresee, could be affected by the nature of the duties and responsibilities of the position for which you are applying? (Note: Failure to make such a disclosure or the making of a false or misleading disclosure forfeits you the right to compensation under the Accident Compensation Act 1985)
If yes, please provide a brief description (or on a separate advice):
4. Please use this space to list any special skills you may have that relate to the position applied for
5. Please list any professional licenses, designations, certifications, etc. that may relate to the position applied for. Include date granted, name of organization, and any other relevant information.
References: Two referees are required. These referees should be your immediate supervisor in your past or existing role
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