MiLife-Victoria recognises that everyone is different and as such their needs are not all the same. For some people it is all about maintaining skills for independence whereas for others it is about building capacity to be independent. 

To accommodate the differing needs of customers, MiLife-Victoria offers a broad range of programs and services that are based on a curriculum framework which has been specifically written to accommodate the learning needs of people with disabilities.   

All programs and services are grouped into streams and the curriculum is delivered either through an activity or run as a standalone course. As every program or course has its own overview and lesson plan, evidence of participation and achievement of goals is easy to provide to customers and families.

Customers can choose to participate in a group arrangement or where required can do a program, activity or course on a 1-1 basis.  It can be at home or in the community and across seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year.  

Group programs and courses are either run at one of our Learning Centres at Langwarrin, Hastings and Cranbourne or in the community across the Local Government areas of Frankston, Casey, Dandenong, Mornington Peninsula and Bayside.  You can view the calendar for our Learning Centres here.

For more information on each stream click here.

MiCommunity It’s all about my place in society, where I work, live and play’

MiSelf It’s all about me, looking after myself and living the life I want’

MiLearning and Development It’s all about building my skills and knowledge in the areas I want to’

MiHome ‘It’s all about where I live, my personal space and how I look after it’

MiSport, Recreation and Leisure It’s all about new experiences, having fun and socialising with my friends and family’ 

MiTransport ‘It’s all about how I get out and about and the way I choose to get there’