Our Board are all volunteers and their election from our general membership is a part of the Annual General Meeting.

The Board are responsible for taking a guiding and overseeing role for the organisation for the following year. They must ensure that the financials status of the organisation is sound and that all legal requirements are met. 

The Board are also required to develop strategy and policy that will support the organisation to deliver high quality services. 

Find out more information about the members of the current 2019 Board board below.

Vice President:  Darlene Neu

Darlene joined MiLife - Victoria in 2011.  Darlene has a Masters of Business - Deakin University, majoring in 'Strategy and Planning' and 'Leadership and Communication'. She has experience in the banking sector, sales management, senior operational management and quality assurance management.

President:  Mark Pakiyanathan

Mark joined MiLife - Victoria in 2012. Mark has a Bachelor of Commerce Accounting / Finance from Monash University. He has experience in the banking sector.

General Member:  Sam Melrose

Sam joined MiLife - Victoria in 2014.  Sam has various experience in the finance sector.


Secretary:  Genevieve Irving

Genevieve is a qualified CPA with and is a partner in a local accounting practice.  Prior to gaining her accounting qualifications, Genevieve worked in banking and finance.

General Member:  Jennie Solis

Jennie joined MiLife - Victoria in 2015. Jennie has many years experience in various direct care and management roles in the Disability Sector and has previously worked for MiLife - Victoria. Jennie also has a family member with a disability.                                        

General Member:  Geoff Bell

Geoff joined MiLife - Victoria in 2015 as a mentor with many years experience in big business in the private sector. 

General Member:  Breigh Smith

Breigh joined MiLife - Victoria in 2015. Breigh is a legal practitioner with many years experience in the community and disability sectors.